Dogsee Crunch Single-Ingredient Freeze-Dried Beetroots, Training Treat, 30gm

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About this item

  • Freeze-dried Betroots: Dogsee Crunch Beetroot contains freeze-dried beetroots. Now, you can treat your dogs with beetroots any time and any season you want
  • Fresh Beetroots: Dogsee Crunch Beetroot is made using fresh beetroots to provide your dogs with the best nutrition
  • 100% Natural: This product is 100% Natural, Human grade and completely free from grains, gluten, preservatives and colors
  • Rich In Nutrients: These freeze-dried beetroots are rich in Iron, Potassium and Vitamin C
  • Iron is directly involved in the formation of red blood cells and haemoglobin, while Potassium and Vitamin C help maintain healthy immunity
  • Convenient to feed: Beetroots are sliced into smaller pieces before freeze drying them and thus the bites are smaller and convenient to feed

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